Cible Energie

Need advice on how to decrease your energy bills and respect the environment ? Cible Energie is here to answer your questions.

What if nature could help you improve your comfort ?

– Discover Cible Energie –

01 - our identity

The concept

Cible Energy’s goal is to help people found better solution to improve the comfort of their home and save money.

The logo

Trying to associate both these ideas, we combined the lightning bolt, synonym of energy, and a house. Flat design, simple lines, this logo is effective and easy to read.



What's their goal

In order to design a website, we needed to understand your client’s first needs.

Ours were:

  • giving easy access to their features and installations
  • being present and reassuring
  • making sure this website is well ranked on Google.

What are you looking for ?

Advices, tips, solutions, State’s grant, articles,… there’s a lot you can find on this website, and my challenge was to make sur everything had an easy-access.

My ideas ? 

  • a well developed header to make sure every information isn’t further than 2 clicks away
  • clear and prioritized sections, to help visitors find the answers they’re looking for
  • icons and color coding to visually organized the information
  • specific forms to help the visitors find a answer to their specific needs.

Can you trust us ?

Green houses and clean energy being the center of Cible Energie’s field, we had to remember that visitors came to this website hoping to save money, and do work on their houses.

And to be able to help them, we needed them to trust us first. That’s why we decided to clearly put our customer’s reviews on easy access. Our phone number is also on the header and a phone widget follow the visitors on every page, to make sure their can contact us and ask us any questions.

SEO friendly

Answering people’s needs is great but we needed to make sure they could find us first. And that’s when SEO came in.  

While designing a website, you have to think about SEO rules from the beginning : organise your content, use a breadcrumb navigation, make sure you prioritize quality content over quantity.



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