Prince Michael's Chronicles

Passionate about travelling, ghost hunting et his family history, Prince Michael wanted a new design for his blog, a real treasure for history lovers!

Prince Michael’s Chronicles will make you travel all over the world.

– Discover Prince Michael’s Chronicles –

I. A new identity







Why those colors ?

The Prince wanted something light and not too colorful, and he also really liked pink. So I chose a beige base and a light pink. I also chose other colors like orange, purple, red and blue to differentiate the article’s categories.

let's add a pattern

In order to show the “royalty” aspect of the website, I created a pattern inspired by the molding you can find on old ceilings. 

II. a new structure

more categories

The concept

We wanted to categorize every articles into different sections, so it would be easier for the reader to find what he/she was looking for. 

closer together

Meet the Prince

Another goal for the new blog was to really put the Prince up front ! We wanted people to get to know him better, and help them discover his books and his foundation that help young children.


prince michel's chronicles

It's more than just a blog

Here are the designs that I created for his new website. Everything is light and soft, and I tried to make it as intuitive as possible. Every pages are responsive design, so they can be read on any devices.

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