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With Timee, I am saving time!

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01 - Identity







Color choices

We’ve chosen a light blue, which is a reassuring color. Being a professional platform, Timee had to gain the trust of its users.

02 - our logo

2 people

The concept

Timee’s goal was, first and foremost, to connect freelancers with their clients

the encounter


Therefore, we chose to associate these 2 through our logo, creating a interweaving effect.

tests and final logo

03 - THE APP

timee app

Why an app ?

Timee’s app allows freelancers and clients to communicate faster and easier, and also helps them to keep up with the project in real time.

the different pages


timee's website

Adding a website ?

To go with the app, we also designed Timee’s website. It makes it easier to upload files, and gives a clearer vision of the entire dashboard.

Creating a project

During the creation of a new project, the freelancer can select “Rooms” already created, but he can also customized them as much as he wants.

A project's dashboard

The project’s dashboard allows the freelancer and the client to keep up with the project. On this page, they can find the different rooms, the deadline, the validations and/or all the previously finalized actions.

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