What if you could share your playlist with your friends ? What about letting your customers create their own playlist? Let’s talk about Wave’Up.

Because shared music makes better music.

– Discover Wave’Up –

01 - the identity

The concept

Wave’Up’s goal is allowing people to make collaborative playlists for their parties, but also let bars, restaurants and gym’s manager use this app for their clients.

The logo

We decided to play with the concept of music and frequencies, trying to represent them through a logo. Using the 3D colors and concept felt right and worked perfectly.

02 - THE APP

Designing an app

When it comes to designing an app, you have to take into consideration how, when and where it’s going to be used. 

Wave’Up is destined to users who are partying, having fun. They don’t want to spend too much time changing the music, and they need a quick access.

That’s why we decided to make a simple interface, easy to use, to make sure we don’t loose the visitors. 

A quick access to “guest user” is also available, that allows them to log in fast and don’t loose time trying to sign in.

Efficiency, simplicity and fin are our key words for our design.

Good vibes only

You can find a ton of music streaming app today, from Spotify, to Apple Music, every company has its own identity and strengths.  

To make sure Wave’Up would stand out, we decided to talk to our young users. Using flashy colors, and a familiar tone, we really want the user to stay in the fun and partying mode.

And for a sentimental touch, we decided to reuse the carrousel we used to find on old iPods. The vibrations, the albums cover, it fells like we’re back in the late 2000s and we love it!

When gamification comes in

To add fun and a way to make the visitors come back, we decided to use a lot of gamification.

First off, say hello to our badges! Dozen of badges to unlock the more you use the app. Compare them with your friends and try to find them all.

Our users can add as many songs as they want. Guests, on the other hand, have to wait for their “lives” to recharge. And that’s how you use gamification to retain your customers.

And finally, do you know how to make a simple code a lot more fun? Use emojis! And now your parties will be filled with “Wanna come on my playlist? The code is smiley, smiley, beer pong and flower.”

What's on the radio?

Wave’Up isn’t only you new party partner, but it will join you when you go out now. 

Bars, restaurants, gyms, you name it. You can now log onto the venue’s playlist and add your own songs. The customers now take the lead, and the owners gain their clients loyalty. 

Don’t want to go out tonight? You can still find the playlist that are playing in your favorites places and listen to them, live, from your living room. 

© Antoine Barassi - 2017